Viticulture Studies 2021, Vol 1, Num, 1     (Pages: 011-019)

Determination of The Characteristics of Candidate Varieties Suitable for Drying

Gamze Uysal Seçkin 1 ,Levent Taşeri 2 ,Ersin Karacabey 2 ,Onur Ergönül 3

1 Vitiıculture Research Institute, Food Technology Dep., Tekirdağ, Turkey
2 Viticulture Research Institute, Agricultural Machinery and Data Processing Technologies Dep.,Tekirdağ, Turkey
3 Viticulture Research Institute, Breeding and Genetic Resources Dep., Tekirdağ, Turkey
DOI : 10.52001/vis.2021.2 Viewed : 5634 - Downloaded : 2322 Raisins are food with high nutritional benefits including mineral substances, vitamins, phenolic compounds it contains, and are increasingly in demand across the world. Sultana is preferably the most dried grape variety around the world, but there is a need for candidates with different characteristics that can be grown in different conditions where the Sultana is not grown. In our study, the drying kinetics and quality properties of 5 different types of candidates that can be evaluated as raisins, obtained through breeding studies in Tekirdag Viticulture Research Institute, were examined. Among these candidate varieties, the 43*B-103 variety candidate, which is the second in sensory evaluation score and has the least drying time stands out. The bioactive component properties of two of the candidate varieties (40*D-17 and 40*D-160) were found better than Sultana, too. At the same time, these two grapes were dried in a shorter time than Sultana. Keywords : Raisin, candidate varieties, drying