Viticulture Studies 2022, Vol 2, Num, 1     (Pages: 013-023)

Economical Comparison of Different Production Models in Edible Vine Leaf Production

Mehmet Ali Kiracı 1 ,Mehmet Ali Şenol 1 ,Uğur Akdemir 1

1 Tekirdağ Viticulture Research Institute DOI : 10.52001/vis.2022.7.13.23 Viewed : 6663 - Downloaded : 1206 This study aims to determine the production model providing the maximum economic benefit to the producers by comparing the harvesting models comprising different amounts of grape load and different number of harvested leaves of Yapıncak variety. This variety is one of the important grape varieties whose leaves are evaluated as edible/pickled. 12 different production models, 10 models targeting grape and leaf harvesting together, and 2 models harvesting only leaves and only grapes were established in the trial vineyard consisting of vines of the same age. Production and variable costs, gross production values (GPV), gross and net profits and proportional profitability were calculated for the unit area of production models. The study was conducted in 2018 and 2019 years. In 2018, the production model in which all the grapes were not harvested and the leaves were harvested 5 times had the highest values with a net profit of 1.166,5 TRY and proportional profitability of 1.57. In 2019, the model, in which grapes were harvested at a rate of 50% and the leaves were harvested 7 times, became the economically recommended variety for producers with a net profit of 4.664,3 TRY and proportional profitability of 2.69. It has been determined that although the quality of the grapes decreases as the number of grapes which are not harvested in the grapevines increases, the quality of the leaves has not decreased due to the number of harvests. Keywords : Grapevine leaves Yapıncak Grape variety Relative profitability